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  1. Those in need of consular / passport(Indian Passport Holder) / visa services (Diplomatic and Official Passports) not listed in these pages should send email inquiry to ,
  2. The information contained in our website is subject to change without prior notice and is thus indicative only.
  3. Links to external websites given in this page are for the sake of convenience and, to the extent possible, of authentic sources, but India Visa Application Center (IVAC) is not responsible for their contents.
  4. Visa Fees and charges are fixed by the Embassy of India and Consulates General of India as well as Government of India which can be changed without prior notice.
  5. The counsular officer may demand some additional documents which may not be listed in the Basic Required Documents.
  6. Passport(s) and money sent by post are at the applicant's risk.
  7. Passport and personal particulars will not be provided by phone or by email.
  8. IVAC does not take any responsibility of delay in issuance of visa, if the applicant does not take corrective measures or if they fail to respond to IVAC emails promptly.
  9. It may be noted that receipt/ submission of applications and fee by the Visa Center for processing/ submitting is subject to final consideration by Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India. Since they may deny visa certain reasons, the fee collected by IVAC is non-refundable.
  10. Application can only be withdrawn on same date working hours.
  11. Applicant's authority letter is required if another person wants to collect your transaction.
  12. On the delivery date, please check carefully if the passport(s) you received belongs to you before leaving the counter. Visa page including passport no., name, gender, photograph and visa type must be checked properly.

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